Young Sportswomen for Change Leadership Forum

Program Summary

7 September 2018

  • Sector: Women in Leadership
  • Country location: Australia
  • Grantee: University of NSW – Football United

Project description

The Sportswomen for Change Leadership Forum will bring Arab and Australian female practitioners in sport-for-development (S4D) to connect and learn in a week-long residential leadership program. The forum’s focus on Arab and Australian women in sport seeks to capitalise on their endless potential as game changers and enablers. This project, will provide the chance for an exchange that will challenge global misconceptions and promote people-to-people links across cultural boundaries. The forum will include high-profile speakers, and workshops that will develop leadership skills and provide valuable tools to design and implement effective sport for development programs in their respective communities that achieve outcomes in social cohesion, health, gender equality and education.

Key dates

  • Networking Evening Forum: 15 Mar 2019
  • Forum Kick Off:                    12 Mar 2019
  • Girls Community Gala Day:  14 Mar 2019
  • Leadership Program:            12 – 16 Mar 2019
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $40,000
  • Total project value: $66,405

Last Updated: 7 September 2018
Photo collage of women playing sports with the text 'Young Sportswomen for change, Leadership Forum 2019.
Photos from the 2018 SWFC Leadership Forum. Credit: Football United.