Private-sector partners

The Bennelong Foundation, with the support of the Myer Foundation and Asialink Business, is providing generous sponsorship for the New Colombo Plan, contributing a combined $885,000 to develop and deliver pre-departure training to New Colombo Plan students. Following a pilot of the training in the fourth quarter of 2015, the training is being rolled out across the country over a five year period from 2016.

The pre-departure training focuses on building cross-cultural knowledge and competency among New Colombo Plan mobility program students, to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their regional experiences. In particular the training will assist students to build effective cross-cultural relationships, gain valuable insights into the society and culture in which they will study and navigate differences in communication styles.

The pre-departure training is developed and delivered by Asialink Business, which works to build Asia capability among the Australian workforce. Asialink Business will contact Australian universities that are participating in the New Colombo Plan mobility program directly to advise them how their students can benefit from this program.

Last Updated: 3 September 2015