• Presentation of Australian artists at Beijing Media Art Biennale (BMAB) by UNSW Art & Design

    Beijing Media Arts Biennale, will showcase the compelling work of Australian artists: Michaela Davies, Nancy-Mauro-Flude, Guy Ben-Ary, Helen Pynor, Mari Velonaki, Kynan Tan, Brad Miller, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, and others.

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  • Shaun Parker & Company Middle East and Western European tour

    Shaun Parker and Company will undertake a large cultural exchange project featuring performances of new work "KING" and critically acclaimed work "Happy as Larry" to five countries across two regions including the Middle East and Western Europe.

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  • Matthew Keegan and The Three Seas and Australia/India Tour

    The Three Seas is an international, inter-cultural music project that fuses modern Australian jazz with West Bengali folk music to create a unique and soulful sonic imprint that radiates joy.

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  • The Commute: Connecting Indigenous Culture across the Pacific

    Drawing from the experiences of commuting cultures, this exhibition encompasses a series of commissioned projects by artists located around the Great Ocean, also known as the Pacific Rim, who assert complex, wide-ranging, contemporary Indigenous experiences inclusive of both ancestral knowledges and global connections.

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Public diplomacy

Australia's public diplomacy is raising awareness overseas of our country—as a great destination for tourism and education, an advocate for global trade liberalisation, and a trusted citizen of the Indo-Pacific region. For detail on Australia's public diplomacy efforts, read the Public Diplomacy Strategy.

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