Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program frequently asked questions

My activity is not in DFAT's Focus Country, can I still apply?

The Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program (ACDGP) supports our Public Diplomacy objectives, including DFAT's focus country program. We do not limit the ACDGP to DFAT's focus country program. The list of previous ACDGP grantees can be found on the meet our grantees page and as you can see they encompass a broad geographic spread beyond the focus country programs of ASEAN (2019), Japan (2018), Germany (2017) and Brazil (2016).

In previous years you said I needed to get in-principle approval from the relevant DFAT office overseas. Do I need a letter from the Ambassador?

No. Unlike previous ACDGP rounds, it is no longer a requirement. However, if you feel it will improve the quality of your application you are still free to do so.

When can my activity start?

If you are applying in the 2019 round of the ACDGP your activity must start in the 2019-20 financial year. DFAT may not be able to offer you funding if your activity starts in June-August 2019 as we cannot retrospectively fund activities or provide funds before a funding agreement has been executed by both parties.

The grants round is closed. Can I apply for a grant outside of the annual round?

No, the ACDGP only considers funding through the annual grants round.

When will you announce the outcome of the 2019 grant round?

Applications to the 2019 round of the ACDGP close at 5pm on 5 July 2019. We anticipate a September announcement of the outcomes of the round. We will update the 2019 ACDGP timeline to reflect any changes.

Please refer to the 2019 ACDGP Guidelines and application form for further detailed information.

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The Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program is administered through DFAT's Soft Power Strategy Section.


Last Updated: 31 May 2019