• Presentation of Australian artists at Beijing Media Art Biennale (BMAB) by UNSW Art & Design

    Beijing Media Arts Biennale, will showcase the compelling work of Australian artists: Michaela Davies, Nancy-Mauro-Flude, Guy Ben-Ary, Helen Pynor, Mari Velonaki, Kynan Tan, Brad Miller, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, and others.

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  • Shaun Parker & Company Middle East and Western European tour

    Shaun Parker and Company will undertake a large cultural exchange project featuring performances of new work "KING" and critically acclaimed work "Happy as Larry" to five countries across two regions including the Middle East and Western Europe.

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  • Matthew Keegan and The Three Seas and Australia/India Tour

    The Three Seas is an international, inter-cultural music project that fuses modern Australian jazz with West Bengali folk music to create a unique and soulful sonic imprint that radiates joy.

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  • The Commute: Connecting Indigenous Culture across the Pacific

    Drawing from the experiences of commuting cultures, this exhibition encompasses a series of commissioned projects by artists located around the Great Ocean, also known as the Pacific Rim, who assert complex, wide-ranging, contemporary Indigenous experiences inclusive of both ancestral knowledges and global connections.

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Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program

Cultural diplomacy plays a vital role in international relations, offering unique opportunities to foster mutual understanding and build relationships.

The key aim of cultural diplomacy is sustained purposeful engagement to promote Australia's cultural and creative industries overseas; to establish networks; and support ongoing collaborations and exchange.

Through cultural diplomacy initiatives, DFAT strengthens Australia's influence, reputation, reach and relationships overseas.

Cultural diplomacy shows our core values and promotes Australia as an innovative, creative, diverse and tolerant nation; and as an attractive place to live, work, study, and invest.

The promotion of Australia's cultural and creative industries internationally acknowledges the economic importance of the creative economy to Australia.

DFAT supports cultural diplomacy through the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program (ACDGP).

Funding is available for projects that:

  • create a positive and contemporary image of Australia
  • build people-to-people links
  • strengthen engagement
  • enhance markets and develop export opportunities, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

Building creative excellence

The arts are more than a cultural export. Collaboration on cultural projects helps build influence and partnerships internationally and creates shared understanding. DFAT's promotion of Australian excellence in culture and the arts works to establish networks and encourage collaboration and exchanges between Australian artists and arts organisations and their international partners. It helps to expand audiences and markets for Australian artistic work and creative products. We also promote Australian expertise in arts production and management, and build our reputation as a culturally rich and diverse society.

Priority sectors and targeted countries or regions

We will consider all applications. However, we encourage you to consider your creative activity and ACDGP application through the prism of Australia's policy priorities outlined in the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper.

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program outcomes

Cultural diplomacy is an important tool for governments to advance Australia's interests, soft power and influence. The ACDGP will advance the soft power and partnerships objectives of the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper by:

  • Supporting cultural collaboration and partnerships that build influence internationally
  • Promoting our economic, artistic and cultural assets to an international audience
  • Expanding audiences and markets
  • Building people-to-people links internationally
  • Leveraging existing partnerships and fostering engagement with key stakeholders
  • Supporting other DFAT programs
  • Influencing perceptions of Australia at home and abroad.

ACDGP applications must be submitted using SmartyGrants.

ACDGP opens for applications at 9am (AEST) on 5 June 2019 and closes 5pm (AEST) on 5 July 2019.

For more information please read the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program 2019 – Guidelines or email Cultural.Diplomacy@dfat.gov.au.

Last Updated: 20 June 2019

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