Slingsby tours to North America, Asia and Europe

7 February 2020

Australia has established a strong reputation for producing high quality children’s theatre. Slingsby is a pioneer in the industry and craft sophisticated, emotionally complex and original theatre productions for audiences aged eight through to adulthood. As well as touring, Slingsby will collaborate with international artists to create their next major work.

Photo of performers Tim Overton and Elizabeth Hay on stage performing Slingsby.
Slingsby performers Tim Overton and Elizabeth Hay from Emil and the Detectives. Photo by Andy Rasheed.

Sector: Children’s theatre, performance art and culture.

Grantee: Slingsby Theatre

Project description

Slingsby will collaborate with international artists through a cultural exchange to create a new work for young audiences and tour their award winning production Emil and the Detectives to five countries in three continents to promote excellence in Australia’s cultural and creative industries.

The new work based on the novel The Boy Who Talked to Dogs explores the resilience of a child in the 1970’s faced with contemporary world issues in a story that spans Australia and Ireland. Emil and the Detectives transforms Erich Kästner’s iconic novella into an award winning theatre show that questions the power of a child in a world controlled by adults.

Artistic Director Andy Packer and the touring company will collaborate with presenters in each region to create opportunities for cultural exchange alongside performances through workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring of local artists.

Project start-end dates: January — December 2020

Country: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and United States of America

Total project value: $310,000

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grant: $48,000

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Last Updated: 7 February 2020