• Pacific women play part in sporting history

    Adele is commentating a football match in her local language for viewers back home in Vanuatu (and showcasing Bislama to the world).

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  • AFL drive Fiji

    'Pain is temporary, quitting is forever'. These are the words of Matelita Tuilevuka – the driving force behind the growing AFL presence in rugby-dominated Fiji.

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  • Twilight Basketball beacon brightens PNG's darkest streets

    Twilight Basketball is giving the children of Kaugere somewhere safe to play.

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  • Signs of inclusiveness: How the NRL is helping deaf kids grow in Fiji rugby league

    When Fiji NRL staff step into this classroom, talking is not allowed. They have to sign, or at least try to, if they want to say anything.

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Links through sport

Sports diplomacy

Sports diplomacy is an increasingly important aspect of diplomatic practice. Sport exposes people to Australian culture and provides an opportunity to establish links with professionals and peers.

It comes in many forms: from diplomatic and guests of government attending major sporting events, supporting individual exchanges and sports for development projects.

Through sports diplomacy the Australian Government will:

  • build institutional and people-to-people linkages
  • promote our reputation for excellence in performance and training, sports governance and domestic participation
  • support sport for development initiatives
  • showcase our major events capabilities.
wide lens photo of the ANZ stadium at night
The 2015 AFC Final between Australia and Korean in ANZ Stadium
Caitlin Bassett shooting a goal
Australian Netball Diamond, Caitlin Bassett, shoots for goal against New Zealand at the 2015 Netball World Cup.
Last Updated: 11 May 2018