Partnering for the community

28 January 2016

people holding a ball on a blanket
Volleyball Australia coaches putting the Australia Awards Fellows through a series of hands on coaching clinics

Volleyball Australia has hosted five Australia Awards fellows from Vanuatu and Fiji, providing management and community development training to improve their ability to deliver inclusive sports programs in the region.

Fellows undertook coaching and training in management, partnership development and sponsorship acquisition, with a focus on hoe to strengthen existing partnerships and identify new opportunities. With the development of these new skills, the fellows have been able to return to their sporting organisations and begin making changes to improve the sustainability of their grassroots physical activities.

Fellows also learned about how to develop grassroots programs through the education of coaches, internships and training in transferable skills, such as time and event management. A key outcome of the program was to improve the fellows’ ability to include people of all abilities in their sports programs.

Gender issues affect many women in the Pacific and volleyball can offer women an opportunity to be involved in regular physical activity. Supporting these fellows will contribute to an increase in the number of women who can be local champions for the sport and the quality of the experience women have when they participate in physical activity.

Last Updated: 28 January 2016