University of Sydney welcomes Non Communicable Disease researches

28 January 2016

University of Sydney Staff with South East Asian fellows
Staff from the University of Sydney welcome Australia Awards Fellows from South-East Asia

A major problem in South-East Asia is the increasing health and economic burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Tackling non-communicable diseases is a priority of the Australian Government and, through the Australia Award Fellowships, has partnered with the University of Sydney to address these issues.

The Australia Award Fellowship provided to the University of Sydney has enabled emerging researchers from Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam to assimilate a new approach to sports promotion through learning about non-communicable diseases and physical activity.

Embedded within key research groups at the university's Faculty of Health Sciences, they will participate as research trainees within world-class non-communicable diseases projects that use physical activity to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases, thereby understanding how increased physical activity and sports participation can advance health priorities through improved research outcomes for their country.

The fellowships have increased the number of skilled scientists and the quality of research outcomes, resulting in greater understanding how increasing physical activity and sports participation can transform the burden of non-communicable diseases within South-East Asia.

The University of Sydney: Australia Award Fellows arrive at Faculty

Last Updated: 28 January 2016