Centre court for netball to create a healthier Tonga

6 September 2016

Sport for development continues to help people and communities learn important life skills including leadership, teamwork, respecting rules, discipline and perseverance.

Sisida Fili has become the first women elected as District Officer in the Kingdom of Tonga by applying netball principles to creating a winning campaign. 

Sisida is committed to creating a healthier Tonga, especially for women, and netball remains at the centre of her plans. 

Despite her demanding new role, Sisifa can still be found on a netball court, playing with her constituents as part of Kau Mai Tonga, a community exercise program supported by Australian aid. 

The lessons learned when playing sport can be applied to other areas of life, and in Sisida’s case, help create role models for a future generation.

At the centre: The pioneering Tongan leader who's inspired by netball

Last Updated: 6 September 2016