Rugby rallies a fairer future in Fiji

27 June 2018

Image and story: Aaron Kearney

Girls are getting into rugby like never before. Photo Credit: ABC - Aaron Kearney

To the casual observer, rugby union is the universal obsession in the Pacific island nation of Fiji. The reality is, the game has long been off limits to many. But a new generation of rugby missionaries is changing that with an aggressive new approach.

Ba is the home of Fijian soccer, the very heart of rugby’s traditional no-go zone. Indian Fijian schools don't 'do' rugby and it is certainly not a game for girls. That is how it has always been.

And yet, just a short walk from the giant soccer ball that sits proudly in the heart of Ba town, Indian Fijian girls are flying down the wing in a school rugby match.

Tihrani Uluinakauvadra is responsible for the stunning scene.

"We may say it is the religion in Fiji but the truth about the races is still there, where the Indo-Fijian friends will always just cheer from their bedrooms and for them to actually run with the rugby ball and play the game of rugby is something that is not there," the Get Into Rugby Co-ordinator says.

World Rugby's Australian aid-supported initiative Get Into Rugby is taking the game and its values to the grassroots, breeding future players and fans.

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Last Updated: 27 June 2018