Soccer tackling violence in PNG across gender and generations

15 November 2017

The #EndViolence campaign is working to create generational change through the Just Play football program, funded through the Australian aid-supported Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP) program. The program is targeting senior men’s and women’s teams, as well as young children, parents and grandparents on the sidelines, with its message of social change. The aim is to first identify the problem of violence, and then end it.

Male footballers from PNG are holding red cards promoting the message of #endviolence.
Male footballers from PNG are holding red cards promoting the message of #endviolence.

Sports fields have been identified as places in PNG where women are shown respect.  According to Just Play Operations Manager PNG Micah Kaneng "One of our key messages is; ‘respect one another’. Boys take it now at an early age that girls can also play and they must be respected,"

"Now you can see girls are involved in sports activities and other activities they weren't allowed in years back so it is a way forward. Down the line, who knows?"

The simple fact that women are being encouraged to play is progress, according to Margaret Aka, Just Play Technical Coordinator and Head Coach of the PNG women’s under 16 national team.

"You see a lot of girls participating in football and you see their parents coming and supporting them," she says.

"You see a lot of girls going to school now and their parents are supporting them because they know that these girls do have a future. I can see a lot of parents are changing for themselves and their families and their daughters which is a good thing going forward.

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Last Updated: 15 November 2017