Taking a shot at a healthy future

9 August 2016

Cyclone Pam might have damaged the basketball courts in Vanuatu, but the Hoops for Health team is making the best of things. The courts may not have lights or lines, but students at the Ecole Publique Centre Ville are getting the opportunity to play through the Australian Government funded program. Through a series of basketball clinics, games and drills, Ni-Vanuatu children are learning about healthy food choices and the benefits of being active. The program aims to educate children who may never have been told what food is healthy and what food od high in salt, sugar and fat.

Vanuatu suffers from high rates of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which have a serious effect on the country’s economy. Australia has partnered with six sporting organisations in the country to run programs like Hoops for Health, that use the power of sport to promote active and healthy lifestyles and combat the prevalence on NCDs.

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Taking a shot at a healthy future

Children at Ecole Publique Centre Ville practice a Hoops for Health drill. Credit: Aaron Kearney, ABC.
Last Updated: 9 August 2016