Returned Australian Volunteer Network

The Returned Australian Volunteer Network (RAVN) is for returned Australian volunteers from all Australian Government-funded overseas volunteering programs. It is an alumni network that helps returned volunteers connect with each other and the Australian Volunteers Program, as well as serving as a space to advocate for wider awareness of volunteering and Australian aid.

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Through the Returned Australian Volunteer Network, returned Australian volunteers can continue their volunteer journey, stay connected with the Australian Volunteers Program, partner organisations, Australian aid programs, and fellow returned volunteers. There are also opportunities for returned volunteers to contribute their skills and experience to strengthening the Australian Volunteers Program and the network.

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Last Updated: 21 October 2019
Returned volunteer, Lawrence McLiver, worked as an English Teacher with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in Honiara. Since his assignment, Lawrence has written an academic thesis about the cross-cultural adjustment of Pacific Islander students in Australia, and continues to work as an education specialist.
Returned volunteer, Jan Allen, worked as a veterinarian with the Animal Protection Society in Samoa. Jan is now program manager for Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities, which aims to improve services to Australian remote communities and enable local people to be able to manage their dog health and populations.
Returned volunteer, Ray Faggotter, worked as a vocational instructor in joinery-cabinet making with the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia. Ray continues to volunteer within the community of Coffs Harbour, including with the Coffs Harbour City SES.
Returned volunteer, Wendy Neill, worked as a communications and design specialist in Bali Indonesia. The first organisation she worked with aimed to create sustainable waste management practices, the second to improve the lives of people living with disability. Wendy continues to work on social engagement design projects, advocacy programs and design-driven social change from Sydney.