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Always learning

 Rob Mitchell describes his volunteering experiences working at hospitals in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Physiotherapy contributing to inclusive education in Myanmar

 Australian volunteer Krissy Wilhelmsen joined Myanmar's Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC) in 2015 as a physiotherapist.

Judy Phuong, BRAC, Bangladesh

 Judy worked as a Public Health Officer in the Rural, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Programme.

Making basketball accessible in Fiji

 Jonathon Steele is working with Basketball Fiji to expand Hoops for Health into special schools and organisations for people with disability based around Suva.

Uniting health professionals in Nepal

 Motivated by a visit to Kathmandu, Tina Bryce McKay was looking for a way to help improve patient experiences in Nepal.

From AVID to a development career

 The world will probably always need humanitarians, but it’s not necessarily easy to forge a successful career in the development sector – nor is there one sure-fire way to go about it. 

Returned volunteers continue to innovate

 After returning from a volunteer assignment in Kendari, Cassidy Fitzclarence began volunteering with Bottle for Botol.

International volunteers and the SDGs

 Dr Peter Devereux has a long history of volunteering for development. He was initially drawn to volunteering in Nicaragua with his partner Leigh Dix in the late 1980s, inspired by the innovative actions of the country’s civil society and Government to create a more sustainable and equal society.

The power of the private sector

 Private sector engagement is a hot topic in international development. Governments and aid organisations worldwide are actively connecting private interests with development strategies – a practice which will be discussed in a key session at the Valuing Volunteers conference in December.

World Humanitarian Day reflection – Going the extra mile for Nepal

 When the 7.6 magnitude Gorkha earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015, Anthony Lupi and Louise Redmond were volunteering in Kathmandu with the National Federation of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nepal.

One year on: Lessons from Lesotho

 Beatriz Cuesta-Briand, Perth-based returned volunteer, speaks about her experiences in Lesotho.

A community-wellbeing strategy for the Thai-Myanmar border

 Before volunteering, Susie Strehlow worked for an organisation that supports refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced trauma and persecution.

The psychology of re-entry

 To succeed on a volunteer assignment through the AVID program, volunteers must be mentally prepared to adjust to a foreign society – but there is an equally important re-adjustment to be made later on.

The perpetual volunteer – Kerry Wills

 After a long corporate career, Kerry Wills first decided to volunteer in 2000. This initial experience had such a positive impact on her life that Kerry has since gone on to complete another six volunteer assignments through the AVID program.

Improving the lives of people with a disability in Bali – Sharon Cates

 During her years in Bali, Sharon saw the understanding and support for people with a disability improve significantly through the work of the local organisations she volunteered with.

Advocating for an inclusive society – Eban Pollard

 Eban spent 18 months on assignment as an Organisation and Program Development Mentor at Persatuan Penyandang Disabilitas Indonesia (PPDI) Kota Padang.

Finance and the Vanuatu tourism industry

 Australian volunteer Peter Corless has recently returned from Vanuatu where he was volunteering with Air Vanuatu in the airline’s finance section.

Beatriz Cuesta-Briand on assignment in Lesotho

 Beatriz is working as a Program Advisor, Elderly Care Services, at the Ministry of Social Development.

Roland Warren on assignment with the Vanuatu Rowing Association

At the Vanuatu Rowing Association, the mission appeared straightforward: to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. In reality, this was just a decoy for a long list of other positive outcomes.

Committed to improving transport infrastructure in the Philippines

David CaoDavid Cao returned for a second volunteer assignment to finish his work with developing an intermodal transport plan.

Disaster preparedness in the Philippines put to the test

Simon O’DonnellMentoring and training by Australian volunteer, Simon O’Donnell, meant that San Juan’s disaster management team were well prepared.

Australian volunteer plus one – reflections of a spouse’s journey

Sonia MuirSonia Muir reflects on her experience living in Tonga to accompany her spouse on a volunteer assignment to improve training for hospitality students.

Supporting women in Timor-Leste

Clare ParsonsAustralian volunteers, Clare Parsons and Sara Webster are playing their part in addressing violence against women.

Caring for children orphaned with HIV is everyone’s business

Dimitri ArgyosDimitri Argyos used his financial management skills to help people affected by HIV develop small businesses.

Using IT to improve microfinance services for Indonesia’s poor

Matt ElveyMatt Elvey’s IT skills and knowledge sharing has helped small businesses better manage their human resources.

Last Updated: 21 October 2019