Economic diplomacy snapshots

Infographic: Economic diplomacy snapshots. See text alternative following this image.


China is our largest export market—worth $94 billion in 2016 — followed by Japan ($39 billion) and the United States ($21 billion). Key exports to China include iron ore, coal and education.


Investors from the United States — our largest foreign investor — have invested $861 billion in Australia — 27 per cent of the $3.2 trillion of foreign investment in Australia.


Engagement with G20 2015 President — Turkey — will drive outcomes from Australia's Presidency in 2014—boosting global GDP, increasing financing for infrastructure investment, and reducing remittance costs for developing countries.


In April 2014 the Minister for Trade and Investment led a 700-strong trade delegation to China — alongside the Prime Minister's visit to Japan and South Korea.

Last Updated: 18 September 2014