Trade time series data

In addition to our statistical trade publications, DFAT publishes detailed time series datasets of Australian trade and investment data.

About adjustments to Australian Bureau of Statistics data

To produce the most accurate datasets possible, we make several adjustments to the monthly trade statistics published by the ABS.

These adjustments are outlined in the document below. We recommend reading this document carefully before using our time series data.

A second document — Appendix A — shows which countries have actually reported import and export totals for each six-month period. We strongly recommend referring to Appendix A when interpreting our time series data, especially the country and commodity pivot tables.

Last updated: 17 September 2018.

Direction of goods and services trade

These datasets contains detailed statistics on Australia’s annual goods and services trade with the rest of the world. Datasets are available for both calendar and financial years and date back to 1986–87.

Country and commodity pivot tables

Pivot tables are a powerful, easy-to-use data analysis tool that let you reorganise, filter, group and summarise data by adding or removing variables in a table.

We provide a variety of pivot tables containing trade data dating back to 2006. For more information and to download the tables, please visit our trade statistical pivot tables page.

Historical trade and economic data

DFAT maintains historical Australian trade and economic data dating back to 1901, with some series going back to 1826.

For a historical overview of Australian trade, please download our statistical article Australia’s trade since Federation [PDF 2.41 MB].

Explanatory notes

The following documents provide more background on the historical dataset:

Last Updated: 13 December 2018