Australian Ambassadors, High Commissioners and other representatives

Latest news

Ambassador to Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the appointment of Mr Matthew Anderson PSM as Australia's Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Ambassador to Argentina

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the appointment of Mr Noel Campbell as Australia's Ambassador to Argentina with non-resident accreditation to Paraguay and Uruguay.

Ambassador to Ethiopia

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the appointment of Mr Mark Sawers as Australia's next Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, with concurrent responsibility for Australia's relations with the African Union and non-resident accreditation to Djibouti.

'Our Ambassadors' video series

'Our Ambassadors' video series provides insight into the work of our representatives abroad, and some of the major issues they are confronting as they pursue Australian interests in the countries where they are working.

Mr Noel Campbell

Ambassador to Argentina

Mr Noel Campbell

David Stuart

Ambassador to Austria

Mr David Stuart

Greg Wilcock

High Commissioner to Bangladesh

Greg Wilcock

Nicola Gordon-Smith

Deputy Head of Mission, Belgium

Ms Nicola Gordon-Smith

Patrick Lawless

Ambassador to Brazil

Mr Patrick Lawless

Todd Mercer

High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam

Mr Todd Mercer

Alison Burrows

Ambassador to Cambodia

Ms Alison Burrows

Louise Hand

High Commissioner to Canada

Ms Louise Hand

Tim Kane

Ambassador to Chile

Mr Tim Kane

Frances Adamson

Ambassador to China

Ms Frances Adamson

Justin Hayhurst

Deputy Head of Mission, China

Mr Justin Hayhurst

Nancy Gordon

Consul-General in Chengdu, China

Ms Nancy Gordon

Paul Tighe

Consul-General in Hong Kong, China

Mr Paul Tighe

Ms Alice Cawte

Consul-General in Shanghai, China

Ms Alice Cawte

Justin Lee

Ambassador for Climate Change

Dr Justin Lee

Mr Miles Armitage

Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism

Mr Miles Armitage

Susan Cox

Ambassador to Croatia

Ms Susan Cox

Trevor Peacock

High Commissioner to Cyprus

Mr Trevor Peacock

Damien Miller

Ambassador to Denmark

Mr Damien Miller

Stephanie Shwabsky

Ambassador to Egypt

Dr Ralph King

Mark Sawers

Ambassador to Ethiopia

Mr Mark Sawers

Margaret Twomey

High Commissioner to Fiji

Ms Margaret Twomey

George Meina

Deputy Head of Mission, France

Mr George Mina

Joanna Adamson

High Commissioner to Ghana

Ms Joanna Adamson

John Griffin

Ambassador to Greece, located in Athens

Mr John Griffin

James Gilling

Ambassador for HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Mr James Gilling

Tim Fischer

Ambassador to the Holy See

Mr John McCarthy, QC

Patrick Suckling

High Commissioner to India

Mr Patrick Suckling

Bernard Philip

Deputy Head of Mission, India

Mr Bernard Philip

Sean Kelly

Consul-General in Chennai, India

Mr Sean Kelly

Mark Pierce

Consul-General in Mumbai, India

Mr Mark Pierce

Ambassador to Indonesia, located in Jakarta

Mr Greg Moriarty

Consul-General in Bali, Indonesia

Ms Majell Hind

Paul Foley

Ambassador to Iran

Mr Paul Foley

Lyndall Sachs

Ambassador to Iraq

Ms Lyndall Sachs

Dr Ruth Adler

Ambassador to Ireland

Dr Ruth Adler

Dave Sharma

Ambassador to Israel, located in Tel Aviv

Mr Dave Sharma

Mike Rann

Ambassador to Italy, located in Rome

The Hon Mike Rann

Bruce Miller

Ambassador to Japan, located in Tokyo

Mr Bruce Miller

Tom Connor

Deputy Head of Mission, Japan, located in Tokyo

Mr Tom Connor

Heidi Venamore

Ambassador to Jordan

Ms Heidi Venamore

John Feakes

High Commissioner to Kenya

Mr John Feakes

George Fraser

High Commissioner to Kiribati

Mr George Fraser

Ravi Kewalram

Deputy Head of Mission, Korea (Republic of)

Mr Ravi Kewalram

Glenn Miles

Ambassador to Kuwait

Mr Bob Tyson

John Williams

Ambassador to Laos, located in Vientiane

Mr John Williams

Glenn Miles

Ambassador to Lebanon, located in Beirut

Mr Glenn Miles

Rod Smith

High Commissioner to Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur

Mr Rod Smith PSM

Angela Macdonald

Deputy Head of Mission, Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur

Dr Angela Macdonald

Jane Lambert

High Commissioner to Malta

Ms Jane Lambert

Susan Coles

High Commissioner to Mauritius

Ms Susan Coles

Tim George

Ambassador to Mexico

Mr Tim George

Bronte Moules

Ambassador to Myanmar

Ms Bronte Moules

Martin Quinn

High Commissioner to Nauru

Mr Martin Quinn

Glenn White

Ambassador to Nepal

Mr Glenn White

photo not yet available

Ambassador to Netherlands

Mr Neil Mules

Michael Potts

High Commissioner to New Zealand

Mr Michael Potts

Amanda Gorely

Deputy Head of Mission, New Zealand

Mr Remo Moretta

Jon Richardson

High Commissioner to Nigeria, located in Abuja

Mr Jon Richardson

Chris Barrett

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the OECD, France

Mr Chris Barrett

Deborah Stokes

High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea

Ms Deborah Stokes

Margaret Adamson

Deputy Head of Mission, Papua New Guinea

Mrs Margaret Adamson

Timothy George

High Commissioner to Pakistan

Mr Peter Heyward

Andrew Goledzinowski

Ambassador for People Smuggling Issues

Mr Andrew Goledzinowski

Mr Nicholas McCaffrey

Ambassador to Peru

Mr Nicholas McCaffrey

Bill Tweddell

Ambassador to Philippines, located in Manila

Mr Bill Tweddell

David Dutton

Deputy Head of Mission, The Philippines, located in Manila

Mr David Dutton

Jean Dunn

Ambassador to Poland

Ms Jean Dunn

Anne Plunkett

Ambassador to Portugal

Ms Anne Plunkett

Mr Paul Myler

Ambassador to Russia

Mr Paul Myler

Matt Anderson

High Commissioner to Samoa

Ms Sue Langford

Julia Feeney

Ambassador to Serbia, located in Belgrade

Ms Julia Feeney

Philip Green

High Commissioner to Singapore

Mr Philip Green

Adrian Lochrin

Deputy Head of Mission, Singapore

Mr Adrian Lochrin

Andrew Byrne

High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, located in Honiara

Mr Andrew Byrne

Justine Braithwaite

Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands

Ms Justine Braithwaite

photo not yet available

Chargé d'affaires, South Africa

photo not yet available

Chargé d'affaires, Spain

Robyn Mudie

High Commissioner to Sri Lanka

Ms Robyn Mudie

Gerald Thomson

Ambassador to Sweden

Mr Gerald Thomson

Catherine Raper

Representative, Australian Office, Taiwan

Ms Catherine Raper

Peter Doyle

Ambassador to Timor-Leste

Mr Peter Doyle

Brett Aldam

High Commissioner to Tonga

Mr Brett Aldam

Phillip Kentwell

High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago

Mr Ross Tysoe

James Larsen

Ambassador to Turkey

Mr James Larsen

Andrew Todd

Deputy High Commissioner, United Kingdom

Mr Andrew Todd

John Quinn

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva

Mr John Quinn

Gary Quinlan

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, New York

Mr Gary Quinlan


Deputy Head of Mission, United Nations, New York

Ms Philippa King

photo not yet available

Acting Consul-General in Chicago, United States of America

photo not yet available

Acting Consul-General in Honolulu, United States of America

Jeremy Bruer

High Commissioner to Vanuatu

Mr Jeremy Bruer

Hugh Borrowman

Ambassador to Vietnam

Mr Hugh Borrowman

Layton Pike

Deputy Head of Mission, Vietnam

Mr Layton Pike

Hamish McCormick

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO, in Switzerland, located in Geneva

Mr Hamish McCormick